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701 Harlingen Heights Drive, Harlingen Texas

There are plenty of field trip offerings to the traditional spots, and some new ones added for return visitors. In addition, there will be special trips in the field with featured speakers to further demonstrate their presentations. With the coast about 30 miles away, hints of the Chihuahuan Desert only 2 hours to the west, and the ribbon of the Rio Grande to the south, the Festival will have lots of habitat and diversity of birds to offer! Pre- and post-trips are also planned (Upper Texas Coast and El Cielo, Mexico).

Registration is $25 for everyone attending the Festival. The Kiskadee Pass (an all-event entrance ticket for presentations/keynotes) is available for $30, providing access to all the entertainment on the stage. Individual event prices at the door will be $10-$20 each, so the Kiskadee Pass is quite a savings. All field trips are priced individually, depending on distance, time, and entry fees.

The Festival offers field trips, keynote speakers, workshops, fun socials, and lots of birds.